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I'm Gabrielle 

Gabrielle Naumann-Woleske, UX Designer and UX Researcher

About me

I was born and raised in the United States. In 2018, I moved to Europe to study and decided to stay. I have been a part of multiple international teams and have worked to create products for global audiences.   

After a Master's Degree in Development Studies with a focus on gender and the environment and 2+ years of experience researching gender equality policies for international organizations and NGOs, I decided to change direction and learn UX Design.

My expertise

I have experience with various qualitative and quantitative data collection methods including interviews, workshops, and surveys. I enjoy the research process and working with researchers to support them in building and improving their online presence. 

I am an adept verbal and written communicator. Writing is a key part of my research and design process that allows me to probe the data for deeper insights. I also enjoy working on sites' copy (the words on the page), translating often technical knowledge into publicly accessible text while keeping it accurate. 

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